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Hello there Gentlemen, my name is Bianca and I hope that I can be your Las Vegas escort this evening. I have been a Vegas escort for a while and there are a lot of good things about what I do. The best thing about being an escort in Vegas is getting to meet and connect with so many interesting men. I love all the businessmen that are drawn to Vegas because it gives me the opportunity to be my glamorous self and be the type of girl that you are proud to have on your arm. When you choose me as your Vegas escort, you can feel free to take me to your business functions or cocktail parties and be assured that I will impress you and your colleagues with my beauty and class and I have the kind of personality that helps me fit into any situation and be the life of the party.

Don’t think that, just because I’m usually the life of the party, that I’m not all yours. As your Las Vegas escort, I am there for you, and it is just the type of person I am to show the man I’m with all the affection and attention he wants and needs. I love being an escort in Vegas and I don’t hesitate to say that I will give you an authentic girlfriend experience that will blow your mind. Now, keep in mind that, just because I like to be glamorous and classy, that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to just chilling in your room. Like I said, if you choose me as your Las Vegas escort girl, I’m yours for the night and how the night goes is according to what you want. I give great massages and my hands are just as soft as the rest of my body so we can have plenty of fun with just me and you. I can be your glamour girl right in the privacy of your room and you can have me all to yourself. How does that sound?

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