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Jordan Knows A Thing Or Two About BDSM

Written by Jordan

Jordan 2Hello there to my submissive partners! I am Jordan and I am totally into BDSM. I am the dominant partner in my relationships and I'm here to tell you about some of my favorite actions when I am beckoned for my dominatrix duties. Maybe you and I should give this a try sometime soon!

I Love Going To Dungeons

Las Vegas has many "clubs" where BDSM and swingers congregate to get to know each other and tend to their fetishes. I love these places! They aren't for everyone, but if you have an open-minded woman such as myself with you, you'll enjoy the pleasure and pain associated with BDSM in a public location. There's something about having others around that really gets me in the mood. Don't get me wrong, I love engaging in BDSM in private as well. I do find that going to these types of places gets me going so you will reap the rewards big time if we do go to one during our date.

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Nina Likes To Be Naughty

Written by Nina

nina2Hello. My name is Nina, and I am an escort available for hire who loves to be with take-charge men. I have always known I am a submissive partner, and I find it super-exciting to try to give a partner my best so that I am rewarded. I do, however, tend to stray away from the norm and I'm rather naughty. I do it purposely because I love being reprimanded so much! Here's a summary of what happened during one of my favorite Dom/sub encounters. Check it out and visualize yourself in the Dom's position. Would you have handled things differently?

I Was Told To Dress A Certain Way

When my client reached out to make a date with me, he had specific orders that he would like me dressed in clothing that was tasteful, yet revealing. I made sure to dress appropriately for the date, however, I took the revealing portion to a whole new level. Underwear is of course, optional, right? Well, I made sure I didn't have any on. Of course, I had on a skirt that evening....and I made sure that my client saw more than he expected. We are talking in public. Did it tempt him? Sure it did. Was I about to be punished for my behavior? You betcha!

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Madison's Favorite Date Of All Time

Written by Madison

Madison 1Hello there, my friend! I am Madison, and I am an escort you can hire for entertainment, quiet times, or companionship. I have been in the business for a few years, and in that time I have met all types of people. I love my job and making others feel good about themselves. I want to share some information about my favorite date of all time. This will help you learn more about my personality and whether you want to book a date with me for yourself!

I Wasn't Sure What To Expect

When I got the call from a gentleman asking me for a date at the last minute, I wasn't at all prepared for what was to come. He was so nice on the phone and used wording that stood out. He was highly intellectual and that alone intrigued me. He didn't offer much in the way of information about what we would be doing, how I should dress, or what the date would entail. It was completely mysterious. He simply asked me to show up at a provided address at a specific time. When I inquired about how to dress, he merely answered, "be yourself".

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The Eye Of The Beholder: Plastic Surgery v. Natural

Written by Kayla

kyla2If you are thinking about hiring an escort for a session of fantasy-filled fun, you may have contemplated whether the girl you select would appear more favorable to you with previous plastic surgery session, or an all-natural look. This is a personal choice, albeit one that you need to ponder before you make your date choice. Here are some differences in what you'll see and touch during your date.

Do You Want A Celebrity Look Or The Girl Next Door Appearance?

Those who decide to have plastic surgery to boost their breast size or fill in crevices in the body will look more like the bodies you often see in magazines, on television, and online. You'll have a girl with curves in all the right places. You'll have ample spots for grabbing onto and your date's profile will be astounding. Those who don't have surgical procedures performed, might not have the curves, but everything you see is all real and all theirs for you to appreciate.

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Tips For Making Mardi Gras Amazing In Las Vegas

Written by Heather

heather6Las Vegas is a spectacular spot to celebrate Mardi Gras and gives New Orleans a run for its money due to the glamour and glitz factor of the city. If you are planning on being in Las Vegas for Mardi Gras this year, try some of these tips to make it an event that goes beyond your expectations. 

Get A Room Beforehand

You don't want to try the "fly by the seat of your pants" approach and not book a room before you get to the city. Since Mardi Gras is celebrated by so many people, rooms will be tough to nab spur of the moment. Rest easy knowing you have a room waiting for you when you arrive. This ensures you'll be able to celebrate the holiday in seclusion as well as out in the public. This is especially important if you want to invite a lady back to your place to keep you company. Make your calls at least a few weeks before the event so you aren't left without a bed to lie in.

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Mya Is Really Into Fantasy Massage

Written by Mya

Mya  4Massage can be an exhilarating experience. To enhance a massage, hiring a gorgeous woman to provide it to you is an option. Even better, hold the massage session in your home or hotel room away from prying eyes and public scenarios. Mya is one of our masseuses, and we asked her to let us know why she prefers fantasy massage over traditional sessions. Read on to find out.

You Can Focus On Each Other Completely

At a spa or massage parlor, you have to deal with other people besides the person who is giving you the massage. This includes people in the waiting room area, other masseuses, and office staff. There's always an air of professionalism and no time for fantasy to come into play at all. In fact, you may be asked to leave the establishment if you voiced your desires to your masseuse. When you hire an escort like Mya, she'll arrive and provide you with unwavering attention. You are her focus, and she will be yours. No one will get in the way.

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Why We Kiss At Midnight On New Year's Eve

Written by Kristi

LasVegas New YearOne action most people think about when New Year's Eve rolls around is the elusive first kiss to start of the year on the right foot. If you don't have a partner, who will you kiss, however? This prospect is frightening for many who know they will be out and about for the big holiday. Read on to learn why we kiss at midnight, how to prepare for this event, and who to have by your side when the clock strikes twelve. 

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Our Escorts Want To Say Thank You For Being Great Clients

Written by Amanda

Madison 4When clients show their appreciation for services they receive, there is bound to be reciprocation to keep them coming back for more. Our escorts enjoy their jobs to the fullest and are extremely pleased with the opportunities they are presented with. Wonderful clients deserve to be alerted of the gratitude for their patronage. Here are some ways our escorts will show their thanks for your loyalty to our company.

The Chance For Extra Date Time

VIP customers are always appreciated and will be offered some benefits that others do not usually receive. This includes the opportunity for additional time with their favorite escorts without an added charge. If you happen to go over your allotted timeframe and you are a customer that comes back time and time again for dates with our escorts, added time will not be tallied up-to-the-minute as it with first-time clients. Repeat business means we are doing our jobs well, and we want you to know that we are truly thankful for your time. 

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Ariel Comes Back For More

Written by Ariel

So you guys remember the last time when I took my clothes off due to all the requests? Well this time my boyfriend talked my into it again. He's so naughty! He asked my to do a little striptease until I was totally naked. And being the super nice guy he is, he took a sexy video of the whole thing. LOL! I hope you enjoy it. ;)

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Let Your Freak Flag Fly At The Fetish And Fantasy Ball

Written by Olivia

freak funWhile no one on this planet is completely and utterly "normal", people tend to shy away from those who have a freaky side. If you are the type of person who keeps things under wraps in fear that others will make fun of your preferences, the Fetish And Fantasy Ball is one place you can let your desires be known out in the open for all to ponder. Here are some ways you can alert others of your wishes when attending this spectacular event.

Show Your Wants Via Your Costume

The Fetish And Fantasy Ball is an event where anything goes. Whether you are into BDSM, voyeurism, spanking, or role-playing, you'll be able to let others know of your preferences with the clothing you show up wearing to the event. Many people find that there are similarities in costumes designed, helping you to find someone else who may be into the exact type of actions that you love so much yourself.

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