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Nina Likes To Be Naughty

Written by Nina

nina2Hello. My name is Nina, and I am an escort available for hire who loves to be with take-charge men. I have always known I am a submissive partner, and I find it super-exciting to try to give a partner my best so that I am rewarded. I do, however, tend to stray away from the norm and I'm rather naughty. I do it purposely because I love being reprimanded so much! Here's a summary of what happened during one of my favorite Dom/sub encounters. Check it out and visualize yourself in the Dom's position. Would you have handled things differently?

I Was Told To Dress A Certain Way

When my client reached out to make a date with me, he had specific orders that he would like me dressed in clothing that was tasteful, yet revealing. I made sure to dress appropriately for the date, however, I took the revealing portion to a whole new level. Underwear is of course, optional, right? Well, I made sure I didn't have any on. Of course, I had on a skirt that evening....and I made sure that my client saw more than he expected. We are talking in public. Did it tempt him? Sure it did. Was I about to be punished for my behavior? You betcha!

My Client Took My Out On The Town

Although I had given my client a peek of what I had waiting underneath my clothing, he still wanted to go out into the city for some partying before he got me alone. This may have been in its own form a punishment for me because I had to wait to spend time with him where people were not around. I made sure to adhere to every demand while we were out. I already knew I was on thin ice for showing him my lady parts on the sly when they could have very well been observed by innocent bystanders if I hadn't been careful. We went out and danced, had some drinks, and I played the part of the demure yet fun woman who would do anything for her master.

We Got Back To His Place For The Real Deal

My client made sure I knew that he was shocked that I would flash him in public. He told me, however, that he did say revealing and that he really didn't specify just how revealing he wanted. He said he was looking for more of some cleavage and some leg viewing. I gave him more than that, and he had to reprimand me for not listening. But, he would go easy on me because of the lack of detail he provided. I needed to give him a full body massage as my punishment. The kicker was I had to do it nude and blindfolded. This was awkward at first. When my client flipped over and whispered his desires to me, I knew I must have been redeemed for my naughtiness. We had the best night ever and I learned, it is best to listen to the client's wishes verbatim. Would I? What fun is that? I like being scolded and having clients tell me I'm naughty...because I am!