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Why We Kiss At Midnight On New Year's Eve

Written by Kristi

LasVegas New YearOne action most people think about when New Year's Eve rolls around is the elusive first kiss to start of the year on the right foot. If you don't have a partner, who will you kiss, however? This prospect is frightening for many who know they will be out and about for the big holiday. Read on to learn why we kiss at midnight, how to prepare for this event, and who to have by your side when the clock strikes twelve. 

Why We Kiss At Midnight On New Year's Eve

Exactly why do people kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve? It is a tradition that most people partake in, but the background of the action isn't always known. The tradition is believed to have begun in ancient Rome during the Festival of Saturnalia. This event was full of closeness and eventually the tradition was followed throughout Europe. This tradition continued during the Renaissance when masquerade events were trending. When midnight struck, those in attendance removed their masks and kissed among themselves to ward off evil. 

How To Ready Yourself For That New Year's Kiss

Preparation is key when midnight looms in the near future. A few minutes before the event, pop a breath mint into your mouth. Alternately, grab a bit of chocolate. Do not smoke or drink hard liquor right before midnight as this will likely be tasted by your partner when the kiss is retrieved. If you don't have a partner with you, strike up a conversation with a prospect within the half-hour before the new year. This puts you in the best positioning for the kiss as it will be spontaneous, yet thoughtful since you spent time with the person for a bit beforehand. 

The best way to go about that New Year's kiss is to do it without thinking about it. Lean in and see what happens when you find someone you want to share the moment with. The worst that could happen is having to move on to another party!

Who To Seek Out For Your New Year's Kiss

A room full of strangers makes it difficult to get a kiss at midnight unless alcohol is involved. You might get a peck on the cheek from someone you had been speaking with, or you might have someone give you a warm hug. A show-stopping kiss might not be in the cards. Make sure you are in an establishment where women are abundant. Otherwise, you might not even get a slap on the back. To ensure you have someone available, hire an escort to bring along to that party or get-together. You can bet that the kiss will be on time and much more than you expected. There's nothing finer than a kiss from an attractive woman, as well!