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What the NV Brothels Don't Tell You

Written by Claudia


Do you live or are you visiting Nevada? If so, you have likely heard that brothels are legal to frequent in most parts of the state. If you are going to partake in some brothel action, there are a few secrets you should be aware of before you head out for some fun. Here are some lesser known facts about brothels that aren't usually disclosed until you arrive for your session.

You Can Be Refused

When you go to a brothel, you will go to a central room where the women for hire are introduced to you. This could be in a line-up form where they parade around hoping you select them, or you can look at a book of pictures and request that a particular woman is sent to you to speak with. You will be asked to go to a private room with your selected woman to discuss pricing. If the woman decides she does not want to spend time with you, she can refuse services. She will usually ask for a very large sum of money to dissuade you from going further. She still can refuse, however, even if you agree to the amount.

The Prices Can Be Steep

When you pay for a prostitute, pricing can vary depending on the services you request. Since brothels are legal, they uphold high standards for their women, including constant testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Each woman undergoes extensive background checks as well. These safeguards cost brothels money, and that is passed on to their clients. In addition, the women who stay in the brothel houses need to pay for their room and board, which comes from their earnings. They will also need to give a cut of their earnings to the brothel house itself. Because of this, pricing is rather high.

Make sure to inquire about pricing and any hidden charges before you agree to a session. Knowing exactly what you will be paying is necessary so you do not find yourself without enough cash on hand to pay for the services you desire. Visiting a brothel house beforehand may be necessary to see if you feel comfortable with their rules.

A Few Other Tidbits To Be Aware Of

Brothels are only legal in counties with less than 700,000 inhabitants. This means that the major cities, including Las Vegas, do not have any legal brothels within their boundaries. Brothels are not allowed to advertise in counties where they are not legal, so if you see an advertisement, do your research to find out if the county you are in allows brothels so you know if it is a legal one before you look for it.

Some brothels have an age restriction of 21, while others allow patrons that are 18. Make sure you know the age restriction of the particular brothel you plan on visiting beforehand if you are within this age range. Bring along a form of identification proving your age as well. You will be required to wear a condom at any brothel in Nevada. These are provided to you to ensure they are not tampered with before you show up for your session.