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The Eye Of The Beholder: Plastic Surgery v. Natural

Written by Kayla

kyla2If you are thinking about hiring an escort for a session of fantasy-filled fun, you may have contemplated whether the girl you select would appear more favorable to you with previous plastic surgery session, or an all-natural look. This is a personal choice, albeit one that you need to ponder before you make your date choice. Here are some differences in what you'll see and touch during your date.

Do You Want A Celebrity Look Or The Girl Next Door Appearance?

Those who decide to have plastic surgery to boost their breast size or fill in crevices in the body will look more like the bodies you often see in magazines, on television, and online. You'll have a girl with curves in all the right places. You'll have ample spots for grabbing onto and your date's profile will be astounding. Those who don't have surgical procedures performed, might not have the curves, but everything you see is all real and all theirs for you to appreciate.

Those With Plastic Surgery Have The Confidence You Might Desire

A woman who has undergone plastic surgery is likely to feel pretty darn good about herself after she sees the results. Because of this, you might reap the rewards if you choose a woman with ample breasts and a curvaceous behind. She'll want to flaunt her body to you and you'll see more than you thought possible. It'll all be yours to touch as well. A woman with plastic surgery to improve her beauty will turn heads and usually likes to be the center of attention. Not always, but in a lot of cases. This is because she has invested the time and money to make these improvements and wants others to realize this by sharing them whenever she can. If you are into role-playing and want a take-charge kind of woman, you might want to seek one that appeared to have had plastic surgery. 

There's Something To Be Said About Natural Beauty

Not all women believe in plastic surgery to improve their looks. They find that as they age, they appreciate the little signs that show where they had been in earlier years and where they are now. For example, a woman who has mothered a child will most likely have stretch marks that weren't there before her pregnancy. These stripes of honor will show her success in bringing a new person in the world. Those with crow's feet around their eyes are reminded of their years of wisdom they have earned during their lifetime. There's no reason for a woman to be ashamed of an all-natural look at all...and many men feel the same. In fact, many prefer it. Women with natural beauty make great prospects for GFEs. Be sure to praise your escort about her beauty and you'll be in like Flynn.