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Tips For Making Mardi Gras Amazing In Las Vegas

Written by Heather

heather6Las Vegas is a spectacular spot to celebrate Mardi Gras and gives New Orleans a run for its money due to the glamour and glitz factor of the city. If you are planning on being in Las Vegas for Mardi Gras this year, try some of these tips to make it an event that goes beyond your expectations. 

Get A Room Beforehand

You don't want to try the "fly by the seat of your pants" approach and not book a room before you get to the city. Since Mardi Gras is celebrated by so many people, rooms will be tough to nab spur of the moment. Rest easy knowing you have a room waiting for you when you arrive. This ensures you'll be able to celebrate the holiday in seclusion as well as out in the public. This is especially important if you want to invite a lady back to your place to keep you company. Make your calls at least a few weeks before the event so you aren't left without a bed to lie in.

Know Where You Are Going To Visit

While you can certainly walk around the city without knowing what is around you beforehand, it is best to plan out where you want to be during each portion of the holiday. There are tons of free activities going on as well as food and drink specials to be consumed. You'll want to stock up on decorations and beads before you venture out. Take the time to look up event listings online so you have an idea where you want to visit. This way you can plan out your route so you do not miss out on any of the action.

Get A Woman To Bring Along

With so many people out on the streets and inside establishments enjoying all that the holiday offers, you'll want to have someone to come along for the experience. It's so much more fun when you have a date by your side. You'll have a woman to communicate with as well as someone who you can show off to others around you. You'll enjoy your date's flirtation and will be thrilled to know she is all yours for the session you hire her for. There is no need to worry about someone stealing her away or ending up solo when the night comes to a close.

Your Date Provides You Pleasure

The escort you hire is not just there to enjoy Mardi Gras out in the city. She's yours to enjoy in private, as well. Be sure to take in the entertainment but leave yourself some time to explore each other in your room as well. Your date will strip down and shake for her free beads and party to the fullest without anyone else getting in your way. Lap dance anyone? How about a tantric massage? Just a dual body exploration? Whatever you say, goes!