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Our Escorts Want To Say Thank You For Being Great Clients

Written by Amanda

Madison 4When clients show their appreciation for services they receive, there is bound to be reciprocation to keep them coming back for more. Our escorts enjoy their jobs to the fullest and are extremely pleased with the opportunities they are presented with. Wonderful clients deserve to be alerted of the gratitude for their patronage. Here are some ways our escorts will show their thanks for your loyalty to our company.

The Chance For Extra Date Time

VIP customers are always appreciated and will be offered some benefits that others do not usually receive. This includes the opportunity for additional time with their favorite escorts without an added charge. If you happen to go over your allotted timeframe and you are a customer that comes back time and time again for dates with our escorts, added time will not be tallied up-to-the-minute as it with first-time clients. Repeat business means we are doing our jobs well, and we want you to know that we are truly thankful for your time. 

The Exact Woman You Want Can Be Scheduled

Since we are so busy and have so many escorts to choose from, from time to time your favorite woman might not be available for a date. Our repeat customers take precedence over others however, and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes with the exact lady you want to spend time with. We have the power to bump appointments and move around escorts as needed so you can have the woman of your dreams show up for your session without incident.

Fast Service Is Available For Our Customers

When there is a need to spend time with a woman, fast action is usually desired. All it takes to set up a date with one of our beautiful escorts is a phone call or email, and we will make sure your date shows up according to your desires. If you are a VIP, let us know how quickly you want someone to arrive, and we will rush-order your experience so that she is available to you in a jiffy. 

Services Beyond Your Wildest Imagination

Not all escort experiences are the same as our women come from all different backgrounds and have their own unique personalities. We can assure you, that you will be compensated for your patronage in ways you didn't dream possible. Fantasies come true with dates with our women. If you have particular wishes that you would like to be fulfilled, simply let us know, and we will pass along the information to your escort, so she can make sure they come true. Massages, stripteases, quiet times, conversation, or just companionship with another person are all ready for you.