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Mya Is Really Into Fantasy Massage

Written by Mya

Mya  4Massage can be an exhilarating experience. To enhance a massage, hiring a gorgeous woman to provide it to you is an option. Even better, hold the massage session in your home or hotel room away from prying eyes and public scenarios. Mya is one of our masseuses, and we asked her to let us know why she prefers fantasy massage over traditional sessions. Read on to find out.

You Can Focus On Each Other Completely

At a spa or massage parlor, you have to deal with other people besides the person who is giving you the massage. This includes people in the waiting room area, other masseuses, and office staff. There's always an air of professionalism and no time for fantasy to come into play at all. In fact, you may be asked to leave the establishment if you voiced your desires to your masseuse. When you hire an escort like Mya, she'll arrive and provide you with unwavering attention. You are her focus, and she will be yours. No one will get in the way.

There Are No Restrictions To Worry About

At a professional establishment, there are rules in place that need to be followed. This includes rules about how much your masseuse is allowed to touch you and what parts of the body are allowed to be exposed. You may need to drape a piece of cloth over your body and have the area your masseuse works on exposed momentarily. Then the cloth would be put back into place. When you hire a masseuse to come to you, you can bare it all and not need to worry about having to cover anything at any time.

You'll also have the advantage of being able to have a longer session than you originally requested if you wish. Dust let your masseuse know. At a professional spa or massage parlor, it's likely you'll have someone waiting for an appointment after yours so longer sessions aren't usually allowed.

The Session Can Go In Any Direction You Wish

Mya, or another escort, will be there to provide you with relaxation and comfort. You can start and end your session any way that you wish. Maybe you'll like to see your escort strip down themselves before she gets to work on your body. This is a definite possibility. Perhaps you'd like to engage in a lapdance beforehand. This can get you ready for the session ahead. Your escort believes to make you comfortable, she will be nude along with you. This will give you the necessary connection with your escort to allow you to completely focus on being pampered. Role-playing or NURU massage can also come into play if you are feeling adventurous. All you need to do is let your escort know what you want to try.