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My name is Heather and I am a sultry singer from lovely Las Vegas. I've got a voice of gold, but I'm anything but an angel, trust me. I spend a lot of my nights crooning at local jazz clubs, showing off my velvet pipes, but when I'm not performing I'm entertaining lonely and adventurous gents like yourself around Las Vegas. I've been a Las Vegas Escorts girl for a few years now. Pair that with all of my performance experience and that makes me one of the only girls in Las Vegas who really knows her way around. That may not seem like an important thing, but at 3 am when you are looking for something to fill your time you are going to want someone on your arm who can find fun on a whim.  

People who love music will have great dates with me. I can take you to all kinds of jazz clubs around town, showing you the best up and coming and longest-running jazz sensations that Vegas has to offer. A lot of people don't think of the lounge scene in Las Vegas as a real thing, but those stereotypes come from somewhere. There is an awesome underground lounge and jazz scene here and if you want to see it, I'm your in.  

But I'm your Las Vegas Escorts girl for the night, so if you want to do something else we can. Due to my musicality, I am a great dancer, I would love to take you to some swanky club and rub up against you while everyone watches and wishes that I was the beautiful girl on their arm. I may not have mentioned yet, but my long dark locks and bright eyes really make an impression, especially when you see them with my Jessica Rabbit like body. Let's show me off together.  

No matter what kind of date you are looking for, for your Escort Vegas experience I will be the best girl for you. Whatever it is that you want to do, we can do it, and if you love music then you definitely need to call me. I don't know what you want out or your experience until you tell me, so call me up today and let’s get your Las Vegas Service fantasy date scripted so that we can enjoy ourselves fully on our date. Call me today and let’s have some fun!