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As a former show girl I know my way around the clubs of Las Vegas like no other girl. My name is Karen. I have long legs and auburn hair. I used to be one of the top show girls at one of the premier hotels in Las Vegas. I can't say which, because of a contract with the hotel, but it is one of the ones you see in the movies. I worked there for many years, showing off my body as an ornament to the hotel, but now I work as a Las Vegas escorts girl exclusively. As fun as it is to be seen it is much more fun to actually get to know someone on a date while being seen!  

I know how to be a trophy date. I can easily sit quiet and let you be the star of the show. This makes me the perfect date for weddings, bachelor parties, reunions. Anything that will require a girl who needs to be seen a little more than she is heard. I helped a guy get a promotion one night because his boss thought that if he could get a girl as hot as me on his arm then he must be something special. That is how easy it can be. Sure, you might not need me to get a promotion, but if you need me to look beautiful next to you to impress someone, then I am your girl. I can even touch your arm and flirt with the other person, just enough to make them jealous, not enough to make them suspicious. I am completely discreet, so you do not have to worry about anyone ever knowing that I am a Las Vegas Escort girl and not your real wife/girlfriend/fianc√©, whatever you want me to be.  

Like I said I like to get to know people to, so one on one dates are all I do. I also do not date women, because I like to be looked at. That might make me shallow but it has also made me who I am today, so I have no regrets. Besides, most ladies want to be with someone who wants to talk women, when I want to talk you. I want to know about your life and your dreams and your secrets. I want to be the girl you can confide in, the girl you can tell things and not have to worry about her repeating a word. I will be your arm candy, your confidant, your mistress, whatever you want.