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I see you looking. My name is Lisa and I’m that fantasy that you won’t tell anyone you have. I understand. I am happy to make that fantasy and many more come true for you. Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and I am one of the Las Vegas escorts that live by that creed. Let me make your fantasy come true and you will leave very happy that you took the time to finally do it.

Some Las Vegas escort girls are happy to do a few of the things that will really make you happy. I am willing to do it all. There are very few limits that I have and when it comes to pleasure, that is my greatest motivator. I started working with Las Vegas escort services because I like to bring people pleasure in any way they want it.

As one of the kinkiest Vegas escorts, I have a reputation to live up to. I love to do kinky things and make sure others are jealous of who I’m doing it with. I am the woman you need to show up to a business meeting with. I have a way of dressing provocatively and keeping all the attention on us. When we go out to party, the really kinky fun can begin. I love to dance and I dance with other women and try to turn every man in the building on. But you will be the only one I go home with. I don’t mind putting on a show with another woman. As a matter of fact, I don’t mind entertaining and escorting women. That is all a part of my Las Vegas escort VIP package.

One of my favorite things to be done to me is spanked. I love it. I love it when my ass is spanked and it starts to blush. There are times that I will be bad and I have to be punished. I know it but you know us Las Vegas girls don’t know how to behave. When it’s time for a spanking, I want to lay across your lap and feel the blush spread across my ass. I am the escort Vegas dreams are made of. If you are good, I may let you take me into the night clubs you have only dreamed and let you do naughty and delicious things to me.